Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen

Welcome to our new guest blogger Elizabeth Morton! We hope you enjoy her review of Sarah Dessen's newest novel, The Moon and More.

Emaline is a senior in high school who lives in the beach-side town of Colby. After seeing all of the teenage visitors during the summer meeting new people and having the time of their lives, Emaline wonders if she can have one of those experiences this summer before heading to college. She already has the perfect boyfriend, Luke. However, when the sophisticated and exciting Theo comes to town to work on a documentary, her entire world begins to change.
Not only must she decide between guys, but she must also decide which college to attend. Her mostly nonexistent father has helped her get into an Ivy League school and feels that she should have a better and brighter life outside of Colby. However, Emaline also craves the comfort and stability of her hometown.

Emaline desires the moon and more, but what will she choose?

Sarah Dessen's The Moon and More is the perfect spring break read for any teenage girl. Its fast-pace and constant action is sure to please! 

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