Monday, March 17, 2014

Divergent by Veronica Roth

Welcome to this week's first guest blogger, Courtney Gale! We hope you enjoy her review of Divergent, and if you haven't already read it, you will be inspired to do so!

If you are up to date on the most popular books currently being sold, the name Divergent has most likely reached your ears. Yes, Divergent is one of those dystopian novels, yet the plot is fascinating and will make you want to read it all in one sitting.
     Divergent follows the journey of Beatrice, a member of the faction Abnegation. Each of the five factions of Beatrice’s society revolves around a single trait. The Abnegation embody selflessness, the Dauntless represent fearlessness, the Candor value honesty, the Erudite have intelligence, and the Amity symbolize peacefulness. As a sixteen-year-old in her society, Beatrice is faced with a choice to leave the Abnegation, her home, and family to join the faction of her choosing. Although allowed to pick factions, it is universally understood that as a transfer, you will likely be an outcast from the faction you used to call home. Beatrice’s decision to join the Dauntless will not be the only tough decision that she has to face throughout the novel.
As she transforms from Beatrice of Abnegation to Tris of Dauntless, she learns of uprising and errors in the seemingly flawless society, and her newfound skills are put to the test. She must risk everything she has gained to save the people she loves.
I don’t think I’m the only teenager out there who has grown weary of dystopian novels. They were intriguing for a while, but I’d personally like to read about something other than a future government takeover. That being said, I did thoroughly enjoy Divergent, and it was a quick read taking just about three days. I’m one of those people who always has to read a book before seeing the movie, so if you are planning on going to see the movie coming out on March 21st, go read the book. You still have time, and it will be worth it.
Released March 21st in theaters!
3 Main Positive Points
·      Features a fierce, headstrong heroine who isn’t afraid to take her life into her own hands
·      Intriguing view of dystopian Chicago with the factions and technological simulations
·      Action packed and exhilarating

3 Main Negative Points
·      Value of friendship is overlooked in portions of the novel
·      Lack of clarity in the history of the factions
·      Little character development

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