Ever since I was a little girl, I've wanted to be a writer. I would write stories, essays, and even "chapter" books. But now, at the age of eighteen, I've completed my first novel, People of a Different Tongue, and aspire to have it published and circulating through the country by the time I pack up my belongings for college.

Born in the small town of Pineville, Lousianna, I lived my adolescence as an only child with my best friend Matt. We went on exciting adventures in his tree house, fought evil as the pink and red power rangers, and helped--okay watched--our neighbor gut his catches of the day. 

The day came when my parents moved us to Maryville, Tennessee for my dad's new job, and we've lived here ever since. While I miss my long lost friend, I've had so many neat experiences here that I would not trade the move for anything. 

Aside from writing, I delve into serving my community in every way I can. I've been a girl scout since I was four years old, starting as a Daisy and working my way up to a Senior, where I completed my Gold Award by organizing a dance for a local group of disabled adults, The Gateway to Independence. I get to watch the interactions between my peers and these wonderful adults, who have not had the same experiences as my friends and me. And I love that I'm able to give them the prom that they might not have gone to in high school. But taking a step off my soap box...

While I am not an athletic person by any means, horse back riding was a major part of my life for eight wonderful years. When I broke my arm (which led to eventual surgery three years later), I was learning dressage and loving every minute of it. But then life got busy, high school got hard, and I just couldn't find the time anymore.

Now the majority of my time is taken up by school, writing, and music. I've played the oboe since sixth grade and have performed with several orchestras including the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and the United Methodist Church Christmas Cantada. Since marching with the oboe is not the wisest idea unless you want a reed stuck in the back of your throat, I transferred to percussion freshman year for marching season. For two years, I stood in the pit watching our amazing drum line move across the field, and now I'm a part of that drum line: Third bass drum. While I love my oboe, bass drum provides a thrilling release from the stresses of life; plus the line always has a great time together.

I'm now a university sophomore, majoring in creative writing with the overall goal of earning my masters in editing and publishing. 

This site is my opportunity to share my book with the world before I have it published. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure my dream is accomplished. Join me on my journey from the edits to the final printed copy of Ascension. We'll just see if I can survive the flames.

Attached are the links to where my work has been published. Check it out:



  1. Super excited to see your dream become a reality, Hannah. What I've read so far of People of a Different Tongue is AMAZEBALLS. You have talent my friend :)
    Becky-Head Elf at Audrey Press

  2. I'm so glad Pam Hix introduced you to me via facebook! I taught in the Maryville City Schools for 30 years. I taught English; therefore, I taught writing and literature and poetry -- I loved it all! I wish I had had you as a student. I'm so impressed with your blog. I will for sure buy your book!

    1. Oh, I'm so glad!! Thank you so much for your support! :) That's so sweet