Friday, May 20, 2016

Toronto Wrap Up

It's almost over! These 10 days have just zipped by. Maybe Canadian time moves faster-that's the only explanation I can come up with. And Toronto feels like a completely different place than Montreal and Québec. We've decided that Toronto is definitely the NYC of Canada, while also having happening residential areas just down the street. So here we go, the end of a great trip:

~Allen Gardens ~ this is a charming park still near the immediate downtown area! It's got a great dog park with this giant statue of a corgi! (And there was an actual cute corgi there). It had a beautiful green house with some neat exotic plants. And the weather was perfect for a walk through the park.
~Underpass Park ~ we got a little lost and found this awesome little graffiti park/skate park/basketball park/playground and did a fun mini photo shoot.
~ Kensignton Market vs. St. Lawrence Market ~ well one is on the east side of the city and the other is on the west. St. Lawrence was ranked the number 1 market by National Geographic. It's indoor and has a wonderful variety of fresh produce, meat, dairy, and pastry products. There's also a few gifts shops mixed in there. Kensignton Market is on the more hip side of the city; it's all outdoor and runs down a few streets. Lots of restaurants, produce, and other items like clothes, jewelry, art, etc.
~Distillery District ~ this area in the old city is pretty cool. It's home to the original Toronto shoreline from 1832, and is another place for cute shopping and yummy eats.
~ Lake Ontario Harbor ~ at the edge of the city, has a nice view of the islands. This is a beautiful walk as the sun is starting to set!
~ Queen's Park ~ Home to the parliament building and leads directly to the University of Toronto's gorgeous campus! If I'd thought about coming to school in Canada, I might never have even considered Chatt! The buildings are old and charming; everything is so green. It's was just beautiful. Too bad they don't have the masters program I'm interested in :(
        +Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library is a portion of the university's main library (which is huge), and it is magnificent. Plus, they had an awesome Shakespeare exhibit on display open to the public.
~ West Queen West ~ this is such a cute, hip, chic, happening neighborhood with a beautiful park, charming houses and apartments, and an awesome shopping selection. And I mean awesome. And lots of good food options for all you carnivores, vegetarians, and vegans!
~ Riverdale Farms ~ this cute little farm in a residential area that's attached to yet another park (Toronto is a lot greener than you'd expect a big city to be). It took us awhile to find, but we eventually got there. They have horses, cows, goats, pigs, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep, and the ugliest white turkeys I've ever seen.
~ Casa Loma ~ This grand home built in 1919 was once considered the finest home in Toronto. It was built for Sir Henry Mill Pellat and his wife. He is recognized for his leadership in a militia group and for helping to bring electrics street lights to Canada


~ Second Cup ~ This is a chain coffee shop in Canada that's got yummy coffee and some tasty pastries. We've gone there for breakfast all 3 days we've been here, and the baristas remember us :)
~ Beaver Tails ~ both a restaurant and the food we consumed. It's placed along the harbor in what looked like a little red barn. The actual food "beaver tail" is this oval piece of fried dough coated with the spread of your choice. I got Skor cheese cake with toffee crumble, and Kylee got maple and chocolate. This is a must consume food!
~ Toma Burger Addiction ~ in West Queen West. Great burgers with interesting combinations. They also have a vegetarian option and great mozzarella sticks!
~ Fernando's Hideaway~ This is the oldest Mexican restaurant in Toronto, and we were lucky enough to go to their original location on Yonge St before they move. Had some great nachos and fried ice cream!
~ Snack Stop ~ A cute little snack place across from Riverdale farms. They just had cheap food like poutine, hotdogs, fries, ice cream, etc.--just in case you need a refresher after spending time with the animals
~ Pizza Pizza ~ Since today was National Pizza Party Day, we decided it was necessary that we get pizza to celebrate. What kind of pizza fans would we be if we didn't? And Pizza Pizza is just like Canada's version of Papa John's. Cheap and filling :)

So that's it. Tomorrow Kylee and I part ways and leave our little travel bubble. Sorry to see our time coming to an end, but I'm so glad I've had this opportunity with my best friend!

Talk later, eh,

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