Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

    I'm so happy that I get to be in Pennsylvania with my Mom's side of the family for this jolly Mother's Day! I get to see my Grandma, my aunt, and I've gotten to see a lot of cousins, so that just makes this holiday extra special--celebrating multiple generations!
     I've been very blessed to have strong women in my family. All of my aunts and cousins are independent, hard working, kind, and make the most of life. We're all very different, but we also have a lot of similarities. It's just so great to be around them all because I love my family. Whenever those little quizzes pop up and have the question, "What is the most important thing to you?" I always pick family. Because without my family, I'd be nowhere. I wouldn't have the confidence or the resources that I do now. I wouldn't be encouraged to pursue my dream of writing if not for my family. I mean, it's in the genes after all!
    These strong, female role models that I have (because most of my cousins are older than I am) inspire me everyday to write characters reflective of them. Cheyenne Lane is a strong character. She's learning, and she's uncertain about a lot of things. But no one can call this girl weak. And if I didn't have my own role models to look up to, I wouldn't know what a respectable, capable, independent woman looks like.
     My Grandma was a nurse for years all while taking care of my Grandpa and five children. She survived growing up with seven brothers and sisters. Now, she rules the assisted living that she's in. Everyone loves her. She's witty, crafty, cares about the other residents. She forms relationships with the aids and the other workers. She survives and makes the best life for herself that she is able too. She's also an excellent sketch artist, but she'll never admit to this.
     My other Grandma grew up with a brother and two sisters in the deep south during a rough time. When she decided to start a kindergarten out of her home after she was married, she had to learn to drive so that she could pick up her students everyday in a huge VW bus. Years after my grandpa died, she continues to work full time as a children's librarian. She's just amazing!
     And then there's my mom, who will deny everything that I say about her, but I can guarantee 100% that there is no one as caring, hardworking, dedicated, loving, silly, determined, beautiful, charming, or outgoing as my mother. She is one of my best friends. She cares so much about everyone, and it never seems like what she does is enough for her. She can always be doing something, volunteering her time in some way--whether that is to her work, to nonprofit organizations, or to our family. She's always doing something. I guess that's why I can never just sit down and do nothing. I don't know how many of you have really read the full version of Little Women, but my mom is Marmee. If you've read it, you'll understand. And there's no better way to describe her.
      Anyway, I hope you all have the best mother's day, whether you are a mother, will be a mother, or are celebrating your mother--do it in the best way!


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