Saturday, September 14, 2013

September 11th

In honor of 9/11, my pastor chose to stray from our bible study's lesson plan by educating us on a growing peace movement. 9/11 is filled with fear, anger, pain, despair, and vengeance, but does anyone ever think about peace? Living in America, we don't know what a war-struck nation is like. Our soldiers do, but our streets are not being patrolled by extremists with guns. We are not living under anarchy, but the women of the Blue Scarf Movement are. This peace movement started in 2008 in Kandahar when a group of women decided to stand up against their war-ravaged lives. They wanted peace, and they believed that the way to acheive that was through love. The blue scarf symbolizes the FACT that we all live under one, big blue sky. Millions of more women AND men have joined the movement, and now it is spreading across the world.
Do I think this is a logical end to war? No, not in the world that we live in. I'm not encouraging mass amunition, but we have to accept reason. However, I do embrace the thought behind the movement. Peace is a wonderful idea, and something that we should all pray for--for peace of mind, heart, and for our world. I wish with all my heart that we live in a peaceful world, but I'm realisitic enough to know different.
The supporters of this movement wear their blue scarfs as a unifying symbol. My blue scarf is a symbol and reminder of peace. This past Wednesday, my pastor told us to write quotes and draw pictures that remind us of peace. Our normally chatty group was hushed as we thought over our qoutes and pictures carefully, trying to think of words and images that truly called peace to our minds. This is my Blue scarf. You don't have to believe in the success of the movement to believe in the message that it's conveying. Go to your local craftstore, purchase a blue scarf, and start drawing.
We all live under one blue sky, so let's start acting like it.

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