Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Since the movie has recently been released, it is time to learn a little bit about the Mortal Instruments.
Cassandra Clare is a brilliant genius. I started reading the Mortal Instruments Series five or so years ago, and I’m still following the breathtaking, enticing stories of Clary Fray and Jace Wayland (Morgenstern?…you don’t know the truth until you read them all). We all know the typical by-line of fantasy/action/romance novels: “this event happened and turned the main character’s life upside down.” Well, that’s true for Clary Fray, but what if that event was seeing a murder that no one else could see? What if that event was realizing that demons exist, and you’re a member of a long line of demon hunters? Then you throw in a couple of attractive guys, a memory block, and the disappearance of your mother, and life is more than upside down…it’s in shambles. Can Clary find the missing mortal instrument and her mother before a stream of nightmares invades our world?

Movie Critique:
I must admit, I was very unsure about this movie. The cast made me nervous, and there’s so much fantasy wrapped into one story that I didn’t know how Harald Zwart was going to do it. I was proven wrong. The actors did great, except for one very awkward fake-sounding guy, and if you’ve seen the movie, you know who I’m talking about. I’m not going to name names. The changes made to the story line I actually appreciated. Most of them actually added suspense, not that this book lacks suspense in the least. It was actually a successful book-movie, one I appreciate being made into a movie. The silent brother’s are terrifying; Jace is horribly pompous yet devilishly attractive. After I saw the movie, I was itching to see it again. Any offers?

Cassandra Clare:
Cassandra Clare, or Cassie, started out writing in California for tabloids and entertainment magazines, giving the world their daily scoop on Brad and Angelina’s invigorating life. She started writing City of Bones in 2004 and became a full time writer in 2006 (dream come true). City of Bones is her first published novel, but she her first professional writing is a short story called “The Girls Guide to Defeating the Dark Lord.”

Mortal Instruments Quizzes—prove your knowledge:

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