Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tea with Jane: English Muffins

Today was my second week into my Tea with Jane Austen cook book, and I'm still going strong! I'm getting pretty good at multitasking while letting the dough rise. I mean, there's enough going on with all the book stuff that's happening right now :D
Anyway, we're here today for English Muffins--a classic breakfast dish that is delicious with butter and jam! This process was a tiny bit shorter. Instead of rising for 3 hours, the dough only had to rise for an hour the first time. Then I formed the muffins by cutting them out with a cup then let them rise again for another 30 minutes.
My dough was still a little bit sticky and gooey. I probably should've added a little bit more flour to make it easier to work with, so note to all you other bakers out there. Adding more flour is an okay thing.
Cool thing about English muffins that I never knew (or I guess thought to ask about) is that they aren't baked, they are made on a griddle like pancakes. You let each side cook about 8 minutes, and pull them off, ready to go! I served mine with butter and my favorite blackberry jam from the farmer's market. Maybe one of these days I'll try making fresh jam...hahaha
Anyway, I hope you enjoy trying your own English muffins--I definitely suggest trying them. Serve with tea in the morning and have yourself a great breakfast--yum yum!
I have no idea how next weeks treat is supposed to turn out. Never heard of it in my life. So this'll be a surprise both for you and me!

Keep on baking,

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