Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

     Today is the day on which we celebrate our fathers, uncles, grandfathers, and any other father-figures!  Because these men sacrifice so much for us, and we don't even realize it. Yes, we know that they pay for the roof over our heads, the food in our mouths, the clothes on our backs. But what are they giving up for us that we don't even think about? Time, hobbies, friends, adventurous lives? But I guess all that doesn't really matter, because it's in the past.
      I'm a very lucky girl with an awesome Dad. He works super hard (it's actually kind of exhausting to watch). But he's also hilarious and kind. He's taught me how to be a "dog whisperer;" that I love baseball even though I can't play; that no matter what music I'm into at the moment, I'll always have rock; that life can't always be taken too seriously; that family matters, even when we get too busy for each other; that it's a good thing to embrace your roots but you can always rise above; that determination is everything; and that sometimes, I'm way too much like him. At least I haven't started twisting my eyebrows when I'm stressed out.
      And I realized how present the lack of parents are in YA fiction, which really doesn't make sense to me. If parents aren't necessarily a huge part of young adults' lives, they are still active, still there, still have a voice. Yet a lot of books make it seem like 16 and seventeen year olds are just completely independent of their parents. And I just don't get it. So I've tried to find a few books, and I have compiled the Father's Day Book List:

1. The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks 
2. Twilight by Stephanie Meyer (she does have a sweet relationship with her dad) 
3. The Fault in Our Stars by John Greene
4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak 
5. Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
6. Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan (Poseidon slowly becomes more prominent, right?)

Pretty small list, right? I mean, I haven't read all the books in the world, so I'm sure this list is not complete in the least. If you know of any other's please let me know! 
Some books do a great job of representing a strained relationship with parents, or no parents at all. But we have to understand that parents are a part of young adult life. It's not just completely shaped by romance or action. 

So give your Dad a big hug! Pick up one of these books and remember how much your dad means to you! 

Until the next holiday (just kidding),

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  1. The next holiday happens on August 27th, right?