Wednesday, January 4, 2017

It's A New Year!

Welcome to the new year folks! I'm so excited to see what 2017 has in store; it's surely going to be awesome.
Yes, 2016 was a rollercoaster of a year, but those highs were absolutely fantastic. It was a year of firsts. On midnight in May of 2016, I was sent the choices for my book cover. Yes, it was basically midnight. I learned that the choices I make at midnight are not always the best choices. I think more clearly in the morning.
My first friend ever got married this summer, and I had the honor of being in the wedding. I heard Coldplay for the first (and mostly likely last) time. I have to say, that was the best concert I've ever been to, despite the hour delay due to a horrendous thunderstorm that lit a car on fire. That's an inconsequential detail.
My appendix came out surprisingly at the end of the month. And minutes before I was rolled into surgery, my publisher delivered my published, printed, beautiful books to my hospital room. Yes, I cried. Then, when I was on the pain pills in the recovery room, I told my nurses to feel my book and made them all come back to my room.
I started my junior year of college (halfway done!), and then a week later, I hosted my book launch party. 300 people from my hometown (and some friends even travelled!) came to support me and this dream that I've had for the past eight years. It was an amazing night that moved as a total blur, and I can't believe it finally happened.
Over the fall, I had three school visits that were fantastic. The students had excellent questions and were all very attentive.
I had 5 book signings in three months that were all super successful. AND the best part of the semester--Ascension got an award! An actual award. First place for the Royal Dragonfly Award. Yes, I cried. A lot. There were definitely tears.
I drank a lot of coffee and tea, ate some delicious food, went to Charleston, Canada, Chicago, and Asheville, read a lot of books.

So obviously--a pretty spectacular year! I can't complain much about anything.

What are the highlights of your 2016?


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