Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Check list

Happy snow day from East Tennessee! Those of you up north might be wondering, "why's this such a big deal?" Well, you see...I go to a school where for the most part, we never get out for snow. Conditions have to be uber-bad for us to be released, even when every other school system in the surrounding area is cancelled the night before. Well, for us, six inches of snow that covered the road proved to be bad enough conditions. We do not get these days often (even though we've had several this month), so today I decided to take advantage of it and make a snow day check list. These are must do's--you'll regret it if you just lay inside all day!

1. Make a mini-snow man/woman -- Check! I think they're harder to bring to life than the big ones! 

2. Make Snow Cream--here's a recipe:
     Needs: 6 cups of fresh, untainted snow (don't eat the yellow snow!)
                 A cup of milk
                 1/2 cup of sugar
                 1/2 tsp of vanilla
    Combine the milk, vanilla, and sugar and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Then mix in to snow a cup at a time. You might need to add some extra milk and vanilla depending on your taste. Freeze until ready to devour!

3. Sledding! Duhh
     The fine, powdery snow is preferable. But if you have the thick, packed snow like we did, that'll work too. You're just going to have make a path before you can get some real speed. 
My dog enjoyed the cruise

4. Snow angels. Does anyone know a trick to getting up without getting footprints in your wings?? 

5. Do You Wanna Build a Snowman? Of course you do! We built Olaf...well, a likeness of Olaf...before Elsa brought him to life. the best you can! :)

6. Snowball fight!!! Recommendation: Wear a couple shirts under your jacket. Or zip your jacket up. Unless you want your torso to go numb. Oh, and in regards to the hard packed snow, no face shots people--they hurt! 

7. And final. Hot chocolate! Once your gloves are soaked through and your little fingers are frozen to the bone, trudge inside, kick off those boots and winter wear, mix up a nice cup of hot cocoa, and warm up! You deserve. Now just enjoy the rest of your day!

I hope, if you haven't already had one of these days, you have one before the weather starts warming up and all hope of snow disappears! If you have any suggestions to add to the snow day check list, hit up the comment box! 

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