Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

      I know that everyone is probably sick and tired of seeing election junk on social media and literally everywhere on the entire planet. I'm sick of it.
      However, I can't stress it enough, please go vote. This is my first presidential election, and it's extremely disappointing--all the talk of violence and hatred of others with opposing opinions.
I thought about not voting several times throughout this election, but fiction actually convinced me to do other wise.
      As bad as our world might seem right now, as horrible and depressing as the world is portrayed in the media, we still have a voice. We have a choice. Our opinion matters, as much as we might believe differently. And here's the kicker--we have a say. We have freedom of speech. We have a hand in shaping our country, though it is becoming increasingly harder, so it seems.
     Now imagine the worlds in the books that we love so much--the controlling totalitarian regime in The Hunger Games, the corrupt kings and merchants in The Grisha trilogy and Six of Crows. The twisted government system in The Giver. 
      At least we have a choice. At least we can speak freely without being thrown into a deadly game. I know it may seem fruitless to vote. The lines are long, all you get is a sticker, blah blah blah. But this is your right, and if you just sit on your couch, then it's a waste.

      If you can't get behind the two main candidates, there are options. There are several independents (though I can honestly say that I never saw anything about any of them), and you can always write in.

     As bad as you think our country is, go read a fiction book, and you'll be kissing the ground of the world we live in. Voice your choice. Exercise your right. Please--go vote.


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