Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Writer's GuideBook to Chattanooga

Welcome to Chattanooga, aka Gig City, aka The Scenic City. This cute, upcoming city at the bottom of Tennessee has really developed in terms of art and tourism over the past ten years thanks to the Aquarium. But Chattanooga is a wonderful city for writers. I mean, I can write anywhere. I write on planes, in class, in doctor waiting rooms, occasionally in church (what can I say, God inspires me?). But sometimes, you just need to be somewhere inspiring and calming and conducive to creative thought. Chattanooga has some wonderful locals for this need:

1. Rembrandts Coffee House: This is a charming coffee house/cafe in the Art District of Chattanooga. It's surrounded by the art museum, a bed and breakfast, and a great Italian Restaurant. It's just a short walk to the glass bridge and the walking bridge, so consequently the river. But they have wonderful coffee (the vanilla is my favorite) as well as tasty lunch and a variety of pastries. Their patio (in the right weather) is so peaceful and calming, so I really prefer writing outside there. But inside, during calm hours, can be another great place to just sit. If you think about it, you could be there for hours--get lunch, then a dessert, then coffee. You're good for most of the day.

2. Starline Books: Need a book inspiration or writing break? Stop into Starline Books in the Southside on Market street where you will be greeted by the warm, energetic owner. On the top level, You'll find adult fiction, signed copies, and some nonfiction. Head downstairs, and you'll find children's, young adult, and even more variety. For a small store, they have an excellent selection of books. And the rustic atmosphere is my fave.

3. The Camp House: placed right on MLK Boulevard, come visit The Camp House for an easy atmosphere, comfortable couches, yummy pastries, and counterculture coffee. They also have a patio for nice weather day. I can sit there for hours and write, eat a snack, even have brunch/lunch, and just enjoy the day.

4. Coolidge Park: If you're an outdoor writer, Coolidge Park is the place for you. You have a nice view of the Walking Bridge, which could be good inspiration if you're a people watcher (which, let's be honest, all writers watch people). Again, if you need sustenance, there's a plethora of restaurants and coffee shops in walking distance.

5. Mean Mug: Another great coffee shop, this one just around the corner from Starline, is tiny but quaint. So if you write during odd hours of the day, this is the place to go. They have yummy coffee, a nice selection of food and pastries, and play awesome, quiet, inspiring music. They also have a patio, because it seems that patios are essential for Chatt coffee shops.

So if you're a writer in Chatt or traveling to Chatt, be sure to check these places out, along with the cool outdoor adventures and mouthwatering restaurants that are around every corner!

From the Scenic City,

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