Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tea with Jane: Butter Buns

'Ello lovelies! This week's delicious treat from the wonderful mind of Jane Austen is Butter Buns, a rather plain roll mixed with currants and can be seasoned with either nutmeg and allspice, caraway seeds, or natural rosewater.
Again, this was a hefty process. I've officially learned what rubbing butter into flour means. You chop up the butter into pieces and literally rub the pieces into the flour until you've reached the texture of breadcrumbs. I'm kind of proud of myself for adding to my baking vocabulary. 
So anyways, you need to leave the dough moist, add just a little bit of flour so that you're able to knead it. I think I added too much. Oh well. Learning from mistakes. Then you make a well and pour in warmed milk mixed with egg yolks and fold it together. 
You let it rise for an hour (so I went to the gym haha), then form the dough into twelve buns and flatten them. They rise for another 45 minutes before they bake for 15 minutes. So seriously, it's the prep, not the actual baking. 

But CURRANTS! Let's talk about that...I honestly had no idea what these little fruits were. Neither did anyone at the grocery store haha. Thank you kroger for actually having them. Currants are like a form of raisin. They are dried, black, seedless grapes originally from Greece. They look just like raisins. And they're just mixed into the dough. 

So this result was this bun. Not my favorite recipe thus far. I think that falls to the Sally Lunns still. But they still turned out well, and have a pretty good flavor! Definitely worth a try! 

Ready for next time? 

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