Saturday, February 13, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

      Well, it's that time of year again. Flowers are out. Candy is flying off the shelves. There's a lot of pink and red in the stores. Yep, Valentine's Day. I know some people who hate Valentine's Day. My dad is one of those people who thinks its a holiday made up by the greeting card companies. And maybe that's true, but like I've said before, I like to celebrate! Valentine's Day is not necessarily a celebration of romantic love. If you are like me, V-Day is the time to celebrate just love in general.
       I LOVE my parents with all my heart. They give so much and take so little. They work hard to make sure that we've had a comfortable life. They're amazing, and I am beyond thankful that I'm theirs and they're mine. I love my dogs too. I literally wouldn't survive without dogs. That's part of what makes college very very difficult. I've always had dogs around, and now that they're...not, it's very difficult.
       I love my friends. I have some of the best friends a girl could ask for. They're funny, caring, driven, awesome, and just overall great people to be around. And I'm not just talking about college. I'm still friends with my high school group. I honestly don't understand how people can just totally abandon their high school friends. They're the people who walked by your side during those gruesome four years of puberty, change, and drama. How can you just let all those years go? I've been a girl scout for years, and one of our songs goes:
   "Make new friends 
but keep the old, 
one is silver 
and the other's gold. 
A circle's round, 
it has no end. 
That's how long I want to be your friend."
Cheesy, sure. But it's true. I love my friends, and while it may not be realistic that I'll be friends with them forever and ever, I honestly hope I will. 
        It also seems that a lot of guys have the misconception that girls want these HUGE, extravagant gifts. We want you to plan out an elaborate evening of perfectly detailed surprises. And I know that's true for some girls, and that's completely fine! But for other girls, all we want is to know that you thought about us. We don't need a room full of roses. I honestly would love a mix tape--something that maybe has a little meaning to the relationship. Songs are powerful, and if you're not a writer, let someone else say it. That's basically what their paid for. But the big take away here--think before you buy. A small, thoughtful gesture is more meaningful that a diamond necklace. 

If you want a little taste of literary romance this weekend, here's some of my favorite romance books. You'll note that Nicholas Sparks is conveniently not mentioned in this list--that's because I care about you, and I don't want to cause a sob fest on a happy holiday. Save his heart wrenches for another day

1. Pride and Prejudice: Jane Austen
2. Love, Rosie
3. Jane Eyre: Charlotte Brontë
4. Saint Anything: Sarah Dessen
5. Meant to Be: Lauren Morrill
6. Eleanor & Park: Rainbow Rowell
7. A Countess Below Stairs: Eva

If you want to take a fantastical route for your romance, here's my top four love stories: 
1. Shiver: Maggie Stiefvater
2. Beautiful Creatures: Margaret Stohl and Kami Garcia
3. Blue Bloods: Melissa De La Cruz
4. Vampire Academy: Richelle Mead (but you have to get through the whole series to get the full romance. Hey, I'm not complaining.)

Happy V-Day! Be sure to tell all your loved ones just how much their loved! And tell me what your favorite romances are!!

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