Sunday, March 1, 2015

Weekend #4: Maroon 5 in NashVegas

"I drove for miles and miles and wound up at your door."

What door, might you ask? Why, the door to the Bridgestone arena of course. For what, you may ask? Why, for the Maroon 5 concert of course!!!!!!
Yes that's right. This weekend, I had the rare ability of checking something off my bucket list...Maroon 5. I can't even begin to describe to you how amazing of a concert this was. Even though our seats were not phenomenal (we weren't in the nose bleeds but the air was still pretty thin), Adam Levin just blew me away.
Magic! opened for them, and I was completely blown away by the band. I mean, I've heard the song "Rude," and it was okay the first few times, but their other songs are pretty great too. You should definitely check them out. They got the atmosphere and the energy ready for the main performance, my man crush forever and always--Adam Levine.
The air was absolutely ELECTRIC. I could feel the beat in my chest, hear the words all the way to the very center of my core. Even though I was snapping pictures and taking very poor sound quality videos, this concert was an experience. Dare I say this was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Maroon 5 knows how to perform. Their stage jutted out into the audience in a giant, illuminate arrow. Adam teased the crowd until his second act by never quite coming out to the tip of the arrow, only staying on the long stretch.
Highlights: They opened with "Animals." Adam Levine played a neon green guitar and a neon pink guitar (Adam Levine can play guitar). The band sang the first part of "Payphone"  a cappella, and it gave me chill bumps, literal chill bumps. They performed "Sunday Morning" and "Harder to Breathe." In the second act, he made everybody put their cell phones and cameras away for the three minutes of "She Will Be Loved." He actually waited for every last person in his sight to put their phones away. There were idiots right in front of him who continued to hold their phones up, even after he asked politely. That's when he got sassy. (I think I'm in love). Then he closed with "Sugar."
All the concerts I have been to in my life were practice for this moment. I have never screamed so much in my entire life. My voice got to a point where I could only scream at an extremely high pitch, which was quite a shock to one of my friends.
I don't know how to convey how amazing of a concert it was. I can only strongly encourage you, if the opportunity every presents itself, to go to one of their concerts before its too late. The concert was over way too soon, and I was left with an empty hole in my chest and the lyrics to "Sugar" spinning around in my head.
The weekend wasn't just about Maroon 5 though--it was a girls weekend. We treated ourselves to a hotel along with some excellent food. FYI, Sonic has excellent half priced milk shakes at midnight. Try the oreo chocolate. We got to go shopping in Cool Springs Mall, eat DELICIOUS burgers at Burger Up (despite the long wait and the misadventure at The Pharmacy and their 1 hour long wait). 12th Avenue is also a great shopping venue with lots of cute, somewhat expensive boutiques, but, hey...its always fun to look. Sweet CeCe's is a great frozen yogurt place, however, I don't recommend BoneFish Grill's basil pasta... a little heavy on the olive. You may be asking why we went to a chain restaurant when we were in Nashville for Heaven's sake. Very simple. It was Nashville on a Saturday night. Literally anywhere that took reservations was booked solid and anywhere that didn't take reservations had lines out the door. I'd rather eat than starve thank you very much.
But best of all was this morning for breakfast/brunch. If you haven't tried it, you must--The Pfunky Griddle. It's an all you can eat pancake bar where they plant the pancake griddle right in the middle of your table and you choose your pancake toppings. Plus they have great cinnamon hazelnut mochas. It's adorable and you should most certainly try it--I insist.
Overall, a pretty great girls weekend, but I must say, Adam Levine can crash my girls' weekend any time he darn well pleases! "Sugar! Yes Please! Won't you come and put it down on me!"

The Bridge Stone
Pfunky Griddle

My Chocolate Chip and Fruit Mickey Mouse

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