Saturday, July 19, 2014

How to Write a Novel While Successfully Surviving School

High school is no slice of cake. No matter what classes you're in, what type of student you are, or how many activities you're involved in. It's four long years of hard work. Let us count the countless activities you must partake in whilst in these four years:
       1. Waking up early five out of seven days (sometimes more if you work)
       2. Going to school between 7:30 and 8 am
       3. Sitting through seven hours of classes and teachers talking mostly about things that you really             don't care about but have to pay attention to to be successful.
       4. Partaking in after school activities (A.K.A. Marching band, clubs, private lessons, tutoring, community service, jobs)
       5. Completing several hours of homework (sometimes all nighters depending on your previous record of procrastination)
       6. Having friends and a social life (although that's not the most important thing in life, FYI)
       7. Catching up on recent movies and good TV
       8. Reading the best books (because to be a good writer, you have to read and read more)

And that's just a very short summary. Now add writing a decent sized, thoughtful, interesting novel into all that. You need about ten more hours in the day right? Well, here's the thing... Multitasking is your BEST friend. You know, maybe do a little homework, take a break and write. Turn on your favorite TV show, pull out your laptop or journal. Believe me, unless it's a show like Sherlock, TV does not need your full attention. Weekends are also you're best friend. Get your weekend homework done early so that you have the entire two days to just relax and write your little heart out. If you finish your class work early, pull out your journal and write and page or two.

The key to being a high school novelist is knowing how to utilize every minute of your day. Spare moments are crucial. Just know when to steal them. It's okay if you don't write the entire novel in a couple times. Take your time. Make sure every word counts. This is something you love to do, right? I know I love it. Don't make it into work, or else you won't love it anymore. Don't force anything, and don't tire yourself out to where your work is just meaningless words scribbled onto a page.

But remember...high school is your first priority. I know it seems overrated, but without a high school diploma, life will be hard. And I don't mean, the TV's not working; I can't find a pen hard. I mean real life hard. So study up, make good grades, and graduate! And...go to college. I'm not kidding. Just keep your priorities in mind, and always remember to love your writing!

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