Friday, June 6, 2014

I'm sitting here watching Pretty In Pink. I love 80s movies, but I have a confession. I wouldn't love them if it weren't for one of my favorite people in the whole wide world.
Three years ago, I had major surgery on my wrist that involved cadaver bone, screws, a plate, and rotating the bone 360 degrees...just to give you an idea. Sounds like fun, right? Well, in a full armed splint for three weeks and quieted by the drugs, I didn't really have anywhere to go. My best friend had just moved away, and I mean, it was one was really in town. But then there was my youth pastor--a woman that had become like an older sister to me. Being an only child and living a significant ways away from any family, you kind of make your own local family. But anyway, I digress.
My youth pastor, a mirror image of myself in some odd years, came over for a movie marathon. My mom naturally needed a break from being my caretaker. So with Mom gone and a couple movies, an 80's marathon was definitely what I needed. For the life of me, I cannot remember the first movie we watched...all I remember was that it had Freddie Prinze Jr. in it. But then we watched Pretty in Pink. She was astounded that I'd never seen this apparently monumental movie! I mean, come on--it's Pretty in Pink!! So we watched it and I loved it. We talked, but I still watched it and fell in love. Then I watched it again after she left. And I watched it again that night when I had restless leg. I watched it again the next night when I had restless leg yet again.
To her, it was just a movie night. I'm sure she remembers it, but it's no bright memory in her past. But to me, it meant and still means so much. I mean, sure she introduced me to one of John Hughes' best films. But she sat with me for maybe five hours...talked to me in my drugged state, laughed with me at Duckie and mourned with me when Blane started acting like a jerk.
Now, she's leaving. I mean, it's not far...30 minutes at most. But I'm going to college an hour and a half a way which means it's more like two hours. No more movie nights or afternoon pedicures or just hanging out in her office that could possibly be the place where all missing items in the world end up. (Missing some shoes? They might be under her desk.)
I leave for Europe in a week, and when I return, she won't be preaching in the pulpit. Her office will be filled by a new pastor. I won't have anymore Wednesday Bible Studies at my favorite coffee shop with her. Life's changing so fast, and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it. I know she's the one leaving, but don't they say sometimes it's harder for the people that are left behind? Maybe it will be easier once I'm at college, experiencing new things, making new friends, gaining new knowledge. But for now, I'm gonna miss her. And I don't care what anybody says, I'm still gonna call her.

But now I can't watch Pretty in Pink without thinking of that rainy July day, talking, being introduced to the brilliance that is John Hughes' mind. I challenge everyone to think of their Pretty in Pink moment and remember it for always. You never know when that memory will be all you have.

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  1. That night was certainly a bright spot in my ministry here and you have become a bright spot in my heart. I love you :-)